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Articles from the ARC Newsletter

  Top 10 Mistakes that Business Litigators Make in Mediation by Barbara Tam Schumann, Ret., Steven W. Paul, Esq. and Jill Switzer, Esq.

  Using Technology and Social Media to Mediate and Settle Cases
by William M. Kolin, Ret.

Articles by Richard R. Terzian, Esq.

Fee Awards: Granted by Association (Los Angeles Daily Journal)

 Articles by
J. Gary Hastings

Social Media and Juries: What Can Go Wrong and What to Do About It (Verdict)

Reflections of a Retired Judicial Officer

 Articles by Richard M. Coleman, Esq. "The Musings of a Discovery Referee"

"Here’s An Idea - Mediate the Discovery Dispute!"

"Understanding Separate Statements"

  "Framing an Objection to Discovery Without an Explicit Focus"

  "The Fallacy of General Objections"

  Ruling On Common Objections To Form Interrogatories Forum Column

  Perils Of Privilege Logs - How To Open Relations And Avoid Unnecessary Work Forum Column

  Compliance With Production Requests Is Harder Than It Looks Forum Column

  Bad Legal Form - Framing An Objection To Discovery Without An Explicit Focus Forum Column

  Discovery: Trial By Attrition Forum Column

 Articles by Amy Newman, president of Alternative Resolution Centers

  California Lawyer Magazine - Expert Column ADR Edition 2010

  Pick and Choose

  Divorce Needn't Be Hateful

New Problems, New Solutions

 Articles by Michael Berg, Ret., an independent neutral affiliated with Alternative Resolution Centers

  Open Secrets

 Articles by A. Marco Turk

  "Big Ticket: Mediation Confidentiality" by: A. Marco Turk 4/16/10

  "How Style Affects Mediator Impartiality" by: A. Marco Turk 4/02/10

  "Puff The Magic Dragon" Binding Mediation by: A. Marco Turk 3/19/10

  Hired Guns Not Wanted by: A. Marco Turk 3/05/10

  The Silent War Between Arbitration Or Mediation by: A. Marco Turk 2/19/10

  Confidentiality: Is It Or Isn't It? by: A. Marco Turk 2/05/10

  Are We Really Talking About 'Mediation'? by: A. Marco Turk 1/19/10

"'Caucused Mediation,' a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
by: A. Marco Turk 12/21/09

  In Appeals, Mediation Becomes A New Ballgame by: A. Marco Turk 7/01/09

  Life Of The Parties by: A. Marco Turk 8/03/09

Method Acting by: A. Marco Turk 9/01/09

Mediation Advocay by: A. Marco Turk 10/01/09

  Civil Society And Conflict by: A. Marco Turk 11/02/09

  Is Mediation The Practice Of Law? by: A. Marco Turk 12/01/09

  Mediator, Know Thyself by: A. Marco Turk 1/04/10

 Articles from The Daily Journal

  Keys To Successful Mediation, Part I by: Charles G. "Skip" Rubin

  Keys To Successful Mediation, Part II

  Integrating Non-Conflictual Approaches to Resolving Family Law Cases by: Gretchen W. Taylor

  The Natural Arbitrator Knew He Was Destined to Help Others by: Mindy Farabee

Passion for Law and Music, in Perfect Harmony by: Martin Berg

Years On Bench Serve As Trial Run For Mediator by: Maya Meinert

  Neutral Is Known For Commanding Presence by: Rebecca U. Cho

  Former Los Angeles Mayor Becomes Mediator At ADR Firm by: Rebecca U. Cho

  'Thoroughbred' Mediator Starts Out Up To Speed by: Anne Marie Ruff

  Reimagining Workplace Mediation Employment Column by: John D. Weiss


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