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THE USE OF MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION to resolve employment disputes has become an extremely appealing option. Courts are clogged with employment litigation and juries are awarding record-breaking damages. Companies are choosing to avoid the high cost of defending such disputes and the attendant loss of employee productivity and goodwill. We offer a distinguished panel of retired justices, judges, magistrates and attorney-mediators with expertise in resolving employment matters, including:

Wrongful termination

Discrimination based on race, age, gender or disability

Public policy


Breach of implied covenant

Breach of contract

Other employment disputes


Hon. Herbert L. Ashby1

Hon. Aviva K. Bobb

Hon. Eli Chernow

Hon. Lawrence W. Crispo

Hon. Joyce Karlin Fahey

Hon. Paul G. Flynn

Hon. Arnold H. Gold

Hon. Margaret M. Grignon

Hon. J. Gary Hastings

Hon. Frank Y. Jackson

Hon. Burton S. Katz

Hon. Andrew C. Kauffman

Hon. William M. Kolin

Hon. Owen Lee Kwong

Hon. Dion G. Morrow

Hon. Jack Newman

Hon. John W. Ouderkirk

Hon. Lise A. Pearlman, Ret.

Hon. Alan S. Penkower

Hon. Daniel Pratt, Ret.

Hon. Raul A. Ramirez2

Hon. Charles G. Rubin

Hon. H. Lee Sarokin3

Hon. Harvey A. Schneider

Hon. Tam Nomoto Schumann

Hon. John P. Shook


Richard M. Coleman, Esq.

Joseph A. Davis, Esq.

Thomas J. Feeley, Esq.

Max Factor III, Esq.

Robert L. Fairman. Esq.

Mark Fleischer, Esq.

Cynthia Gitt, Esq.

Angel Gomez, Esq.

Howard N. Gould, Esq.

Mitchell C. Green, Esq.

Ronald E. Guttman, Esq.

Linda S. Klibanow, Esq.

Michael Leb, Esq.

Stanley W. Levy, Esq.

Mark Loeterman, Esq.

Peter J. Marx, Esq.

Everett F. Meiners, Esq.

Gary C. Ottoson, Esq.

William A. Polkinghorn, Esq.

John K. Raleigh, Esq.

Marisa Ratinoff, Esq.

Marc E. Rohatiner, Esq.

Deborah Rothman, Esq.

Jill Switzer, Esq.

Richard R. Terzian, Esq.

Professor A. Marco Turk, Esq.

1 Retired Court of Appeal
2 Retired U.S. District Court
3 Retired U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals
4 Retired Federal Court





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