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The use of mediation and arbitration to resolve residential and commercial landlord/tenant disputes have become extremely appealing options.  Time is of the essence in these matters, because rent payment is often a major issue for all parties.  Backlogged courts can create an untenable solution. 

Most landlord/tenant cases require the use of expensive expert witnesses by all parties, making the costs of trial prohibitive.

ARC offers retired justices, judges, magistrates and attorney-neutrals with expertise in resolving landlord/tenant disputes using a variety of efficient and cost effective methods, including mediation, arbitration and private trials.



Hon. Anthony B. Drewry

Hon. Joyce Karlin Fahey

Hon. Burton S. Katz

Hon. Andrew C. Kauffman

Hon. Owen Lee Kwong

Hon. Victor I. Reichman

Hon. Charles G. Rubin

Hon. Harvey A. Schneider

Max Factor III, Esq.

Robert T. Hanger, Esq.

Mark Loeterman, Esq.

Gary C. Ottoson, Esq.

John K. Raleigh, Esq.



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