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Low Cost Mediation & Arbitration


  • is ideal for small insurance matters, real estate disputes and other cases valued at $50,000.00 and under. * It's a great opportunity to settle cases while reducing expenses without sacrificing quality.
  • is only $180 PER HOUR split evenly between the parties with a minimum of three hours and a $175 non-refundable administative fee per party. If the hearing continutes beyond three hours, you will be billed at the regular rate of the hearing officer.
  • has a much greater rate of success than any of the free mediation programs throughout the state. Our program offers an approximately 90% SETTLEMENT RATE.
  • offers a wide range of neutrals. Often when you call to set a case, we can offer you a few more neutrals in addition to those who are currently on the ARC Low Cost list.

*Excludes some types of disputes and practice areas; please call for details.

Hon. Douglas C. Carnahan, Ret.

Commissioner Carnahan was assigned to the Los Angeles Superior Court’s Southwest District from 2000 until his retirement in 2013. His caseload emphasized probate, conservatorship, guardianship, civil and small claims matters.  Well regarded by the local bar for his fairness, intelligence and broad legal experience,  Commissioner Carnahan was the 2003 recipient of the South Bay Bar Association’s “MacFaden Award,” honoring jurists who have made a significant contribution to the interests of the bench and bar.  He has a calm but formal manner that lends itself to the resolution of disputes in different forums.

Hon. Jaime R. Corral, Ret.

A mediator, arbitrator and private judge since 1999, Judge Corral is known for his easygoing, relaxed demeanor and his ability to focus on the issues. He has gained a reputation for being extremely fair and for having an acute sensitivity conducive to early resolution of conflicts of all types. His approach demonstrates intelligence, friendliness, objectivity and a complete understanding of the emotional issues attached to litigation matters. Judge Corral is fluent in Spanish and speaks basic conversational Japanese.


Charles I. Dolginer, Esq.

Charles Dolginer has been an active mediator and arbitrator, resolving a large array of civil disputes, since 1993. Mr. Dolginer is known to be forthright, accurate in his assessment of case values, and possessed of strong settlement capabilities, averaging in the ninety-eighth percentile of settlement rates. He specializes in personal injury matters, but his expertise in medical malpractice and products liability has also made him a much sought-after neutral for complex disputes.

Hon. Anthony B. Drewry, Ret.

After a diversified law practice over a 30-year period, Commissioner Drewry served on the Superior Court for 10 years. During his tenure on the bench, Commissioner Drewry handled family law-related matters, as well as civil and juvenile delinquency matters. He also presided over settlement conferences. In his most recent assignment, which began in 2009 in the Child Support Division of the Family Law Department, Commissioner Drewry handled a high volume of cases on a regular basis and was praised by attorneys for his ability to find solutions to difficult and often acrimonious disputes. In this assignment, he was highly regarded for his equanimity and patience, and respected for his skillful handling of the sensitive, volatile issues that arise in dispute resolution.

Max Factor III, Esq.

Recognized as a Daily Journal Top Neutral in 2012 and as a "Super Lawyer" in ADR every year since 2005, Max Factor III is a full-time neutral with a thriving practice. He is described by counsel as a "highly effective and valuable agent of reality." His perseverance, combined with three decades of experience in business, employment, insurance and real estate matters, allows him to excel in situations laden with difficult clients and hard bargaining tactics. Highly regarded by counsel on both sides of the bar, Mr. Factor is an elected Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators and serves with distinction on the AAA National Roster for Commercial and Employment Arbitration.

Robert L. Fairman. Esq.

Bob Fairman has more than 40 years of trial experience in the Southern California courts. He also has more than two decades of experience as a mediator. He has handled 400+ cases for private parties as well as the Los Angeles Superior Court ADR and Judge Pro-Tem programs and the United States District Court, Central District of California’s ADR program. As a lawyer, he has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in trials as lead or sole counsel. He approaches cases in a focused, efficient manner, working toward a prompt resolution. He recognizes the importance of meeting the needs and goals of the parties to the mediation. He has structured settlements in creative ways, achieving win-win settlements for all sides. Additional information is available on LinkedIn at “Bob Fairman.”

Thomas J. Feeley, Esq.

Thomas J. Feeley has been a specialist in tort liability for more than 40 years. He has particular expertise in police misconduct litigation defense as well as extensive experience in major municipal law, personal injury, civil rights, employment and contract disputes. He is frequently selected as a mediator by both plaintiff and defense counsel because of his reputation for knowledge, integrity and dedication to obtaining a resolution that is fair and equitable to all involved parties.


Kenneth A. Feingold, Esq.

Kenneth A. Feingold has presided over more than 400 cases as a mediator, arbitrator, and Judge Pro Tem. A partner at Feingold and Spiegel, Mr. Feingold has devoted a significant portion of his time to serving as a neutral since 1995, specializing in resolving real property, civil and commercial disputes.


Robert T. Hanger, Esq.

A respected attorney who has been in practice for five decades, Robert Hanger brings experience and integrity to the table. Mr. Hanger has been asked to litigate some of Southern Calfornia's largest and most high-pro!le cases. Most recently, he was a partner at Hanger, Steinberg, Shapiro and Ash, where he handled any matter that insurance companies had a duty to defend. Mr. Hanger also handled some plaintiff cases.

Hon. J. Gary Hastings

After more than two decades on the bench, including 13 years on the appellate court, Justice Hastings draws high praise in every regard. He is extremely likable, has an extensive knowledge of the law and is known for making sound decisions. Justice Hastings is a member of ARC's Appellate Evaluation and Consultation Program, which provides pre-appellate argument analysis of briefs and oral argument as well as post-trial dispute resolution.

Hon. Andrew Kauffman, Ret.

Judge Andrew Kauffman has more than 25 years of judicial experience and has presided over more than 200 jury trials. Due to his extensive trial experience and his calm and patient manner, Judge Kauffman was often sought out to conduct voluntary settlement conferences. In that capacity, he was able to resolve construction defect cases involving multiple parties, disputes between antagonistic neighbors, claims against public entities and personal injury cases of every kind. On several occasions, he helped feuding family members reconcile longstanding differences and arrive at a settlement that had previously been thought to be impossible.


Jeffrey S. Kramer, Esq.

A well-liked and respected attorney with nearly three decades of experience, Jeffrey Kramer has mediated or arbitrated more than 1,000 cases since becoming a neutral in 1995. As a hearing officer, Mr. Kramer has developed a reputation for being particularly effective with negotiating complex matters involving many parties.

Hon. Jack Newman, Ret.

Since his retirement from the Superior Court in 1996, Judge Newman has mediated, arbitrated, and served as a discovery referee and special master in a multitude of cases. On the bench, he earned a reputation for being patient, knowledgeable, attentive, and very fair, and he continues to be a popular choice as a neutral in a wide variety of complex disputes.

Gary C. Ottoson, Esq.

Gary Ottoson has more than 40 years of litigation experience, including nearly 100 jury trials in general jurisdiction and numerous bench trials. He has handled a variety of high profile, multi-party cases with a primary focus on environmental disputes, toxic torts and complex or catastrophic personal injury cases. He also has expertise in resolving professional liability and real estate matters. Mr. Ottoson has been recognized as a Southern California Super Lawyer annually since 2004. In addition to his service as an advocate in scores of mediations and  more than a dozen arbitrations, Mr. Ottoson has regularly served as a pro bono settlement officer for Los Angeles County courts for the past three decades.


William A. Polkinghorn, Esq.

William A. Polkinghorn has had 35 years of litigation experience as Deputy General Counsel for Union Bank of California, Senior Counsel at Bank of America and as a litigator in private practice. He has extensive knowledge of lawsuits involving banking and financial disputes, including lender liability; real estate transactions, property management and environmental claims; and trusts, estates and other fiduciary relationships.


Natt Portugal, Esq.

A mediator and arbitrator for many years, Natt Portugal has more than two decades of experience repre­senting plaintiffs and defendants. He has an extensive background in medical and legal malpractice cases, product liability, sports injury, and employment. Mr. Portugal also specializes in resolving Family Law matters and is co-founder of ARC's Cooperative Divorce Center.



John K. Raleigh, Esq.

Respected litigator John Raleigh has successfully resolved thousands of cases as a mediator and arbitrator over the last 25 years involving a myriad of issues with considerable complexity. He has more than a 90% rate of success and is listed with the highest ratings on both CAALA and Southern California Defense Association. His approachability, straightforward demeanor and keen understanding of key issues are the reasons for his exceptionally high settlement rate.

Shook Hon. John P. Shook, Ret.

A Superior Court Judge with nearly 30 years on the bench, Judge John P. Shook has a reputation as a “gentleman judge” who takes a traditional approach to litigation and allows lawyers to fully and fairly present their cases without being interrupted or sanctioned. He is known for his even temper and willingness to provide feedback about a case. Judge Shook was assigned to the civil courthouse beginning in 1996 and remained there until he retired.

A. Marco Turk, Esq.

Professor Emeritus A. Marco Turk, former founding director of the Negotiation, Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding program at California State University Dominguez Hills, joined ARC in 2008. He is a fellow of the American College of e-Neutrals and available to mediate and arbitrate e-Discovery disputes in all areas.


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