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MCLE Presentations


ARC Neutrals travel throughout Southern California to provide free Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) programs to California Attorneys. ARC Panelists have a wide variety of expertise, offering subject matter substance, as well as current trends in the law. Please call Amy (310) 284-8224 to schedule a presentation in your office/location.

No contest clauses and anti-SLAPP motions
Malpractice in Estate Planning
Cases and statutes re Undue Influence
Attorney client privilege between trustees and beneficiaries
Cases and statutes re capacity Claims against a decedent
Accounting by trustees/agents after death of decedent
Disqualified beneficiaries
Attorneys fees in probate litigation

Marshall Olman, Esq.

Ten Mistakes that Business Litigators Make in Mediation 
Who's the Boss? Managing Outside Counsel

Jill Switzer, Esq. 
Stan Levy, Esq.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Litigation vs. Mediation
Valuation of Employment Cases

Stan Levy, Esq.

Privacy - A New World, Fifty Years Later, Katz v US 
Arbitration Case Management

Judge Harvey Schneider, Ret.

Cross Over Issues in Family Law and Probate Matters
Post Death Litigation
Exploring New Issues in the Discovery Process

Judge Reva G. Goetz, Ret.

Shameless Self Promotion: Why it is a Necessity in Today's Business Environment
Amy Newman 

Medical Malpractice & Licensing  Issues
Coming Soon from Judge Stephen Hjelt, Ret.

Personal Injury 
Complex Toxic Torts/Class Actions
Real Property & Residential
Partnership Disputes 
Legal Malpractice

Gary Ottoson, Esq. 

Collecting Attorney Fees Under Statues That Don't Provide For It!   
Richard Terzian, Esq.


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