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MCLE Presentations


ARC Neutrals travel throughout Southern California to provide free Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) programs to California Attorneys. ARC Panelists have a wide variety of expertise, offering subject matter substance, as well as current trends in the law. Please call Amy (310) 284-8224 to schedule a presentation in your office/location.

The Court¹s Conduct towards Counsel: What Should Be Counsel¹s Expectations
Minor¹s Compromises: Where and How the Civil and Probate Courts Meet
The PVP Attorney¹s Report: What the Probate Court Looks For
The Judicial Mindset
Judge Douglas G. Carnahan, Ret.

Top 10 Mistakes Business Litigators Make in Mediation
Judge Tam Nomoto-Schumann, Ret.

Arbitration & 638 Reference Preparation
Justice Gary Hastings, Ret.
Larry Teplin, Esq.

The Gold Method: 25 Tips for Successful Mediation or Arbitration
Judge Arnold Gold, Ret.

Top 10 Mistakes Litigators Make in Mediation
Jill Switzer, Esq.

Valuation of Employment Cases  
Steve Paul, Esq.

Who's the Boss? Managing Outside Counsel
Jill Switzer, Esq. Mediator
Ron Guttman, Esq.

Getting the Child's Voice Heard in Divorce Mediation
Judge Robert Schnider, Ret.
Dr. Carol Hirshfeld, Ph.D.

Arbitration Case Management
Judge Harvey Schneider, Ret.

Cross Over Issues in Family Law and Probate
Judge Arnold Gold, Ret.
Judge Aviva Bobb, Ret.

Developing an ADR Practice
Amy Newman

Effective Advocacy in Mediation
Judge Joyce Fahey, Ret.
Kenneth Feingold, Esq.

Arbitration in Real Estate
Larry Teplin, Esq.

High Income Earners – Divorce
Judge Gretchen Taylor, Ret.

Social Media Ethics in the Courtroom and Outside
Judge J. Gary Hastings, Ret.
Judge Douglas G. Carnahan, Ret.

Personal Injury & Team Mediation, Pros and Cons – A Case Study
Thomas M. Dempsey, Esq.
Thomas J. Feeley, Esq.

Resolving the Police Brutality Case
Judge William M. Kolin, Ret.


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