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Mark Fleischer, Esq.

Mark Fleischer joined ARC in 2003 and has mediated and arbitrated a wide variety of complex disputes. A seasoned transactional attorney and executive, he has spent the past 25 years working in the entertainment industry and is well-versed in entertainment law. Mr. Fleischer is a member of THE PANEL AT ARC, a tribunal of three arbitrators with an exceptional blend of talent in managing, analyzing, expediting and deciding the critical issues in multi-faceted, multi-party, multi-million-dollar business and entertainment disputes.

Contingent Compensation in the Motion Picture Industry

Ronald S. Rosen, Esq.

Preeminent entertainment lawyer and longtime neutral Ronald Rosen is a leading expert in intellectual property issues, especially those concerned with copyright litigation and other disputes involving creative works including musical compositions, motion pictures and television productions. Mr. Rosen is also a member of THE PANEL at ARC, a unique three-member team of neutrals dedicated to managing and resolving complex business and entertainment cases.

Issues Involving Music Including Copyright Litigation, Infringing on Preexisting Compositions & Royalty Audit Litigation

Defamation & False Light Privacy Issues


Hon. Jack Newman
Los Angeles County Superior Court, Retired

Since his retirement from the Superior Court in 1996, Judge Newman has mediated, arbitrated, and served as a discovery referee and special master in a multitude of cases. On the bench, he earned a reputation for being patient, knowledgeable, attentive, and very fair, and he continues to be a popular choice as a neutral in a wide variety of complex disputes.

Right of Publicity

The Panel: Resolving Complex Entertainment & Business Cases

Mark Fleischer, Esq.                                                        Ronald S. Rosen, Esq.


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