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ARC Maritime Law Specialty Panel


Transportation, Maritime and Logistics have evolved into a highly specialized practice area. ARC’s mediators and arbitrators have handled cases involving:

Cargo claims (C.O.G.S.A., Harter Act, Hague- Visby Rules, Carmack Amendment), tariffs, bills of lading, rights of lien and stoppage in transitu, demurrage, detention, dock damage, delivery delay, Service Contracts, NSAs, NRAs, Preferential Assignment Agreements, 3PLs, 4PLs, 5PLs, Ocean Carriers, Motor Carriers, Property Brokers, Rail Carriers, Ocean Transportation Intermediaries, warehouseman, stevedoring agreements, logistics agreements, cooperative working agreements, Domestic and International Sales Transactions (INCOTERMS®, UN CISG), Transfer of Ownership in International Trade and more.

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