ARC is a limited liability company. Its principals are Nicole Bethurum and Marjorie Luna, who also serve as officers of the company. Additional information about ARC’s officers and staff can be found under the “About Us” tab of this website.

As a full service dispute resolution company, ARC coordinates, administers and provides arbitration, mediation, judicial reference and other types of dispute resolution services. A list of our prior cases, which includes names of the parties, names of the attorneys, information about decisions and other case information can be found on this website under the “Disclosures” tab by navigating to “Consumer Arbitration Reporting” and downloading the Excel-compatible spreadsheet.

Except as otherwise stated herein or separately disclosed, ARC does not maintain any financial relationships or affiliations with the arbitrators on its panel other than providing referrals of cases and taking fees, as payment for its administration and coordination of cases, out of the amounts paid by the parties.

ARC maintains a panel from which parties to a case may select potential arbitrators. ARC recruits retiring and retired judges as well as attorneys and other individuals to serve on this panel. In addition, ARC receives inquiries from individuals interested in serving on its panel. ARC’s criteria for screening and selecting individuals to serve on its panel include experience, financial considerations, reputation, and ability. Panelists are generally chosen by ARC’s CEO and/or its principals. ARC generally does not train its panelists, but rather relies on their existing and ongoing education, training and experience.

ARC creates and advertises specialty panels, from which parties may select potential arbitrators for specific cases. ARC’s neutrals are given the opportunity to include their names on these specialty panels. When requested, ARC provides recommendations to the parties of potential arbitrators for specific cases, in which it attempts to match the experience and qualifications of its panelists with the articulated needs of the parties. In such cases, ARC does not guarantee or warrant any results based on its recommendation.


As required by Section 1281.96 of the California Code of Civil Procedure, ARC will post certain information related to consumer arbitrations in California. Included in this report will be the name of the non-consumer party, the result of the consumer arbitration and the number of past arbitrations and mediations ARC has had with the non-consumer party since the January 1, 2003 commencement date as required. This report is available below as an Excel-compatible spreadsheet that can be searched and sorted.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact ARC at (310) 284-8224.

DOWNLOAD SPREADSHEET (Microsoft Excel XLSX format)
Ethics in ADR: Rules Governing Neutrals

ARC's Panelist Demographic Survey
ARC's Panelist Demographic Survey pursuant to CCP Section 1281.96 can be found here.

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