MCLE Presentations

ARC Neutrals travel throughout Southern California to provide free Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) programs to California Attorneys. ARC Panelists have a wide variety of expertise, offering subject matter substance, as well as current trends in the law. Please call Nicole Bethurum at (310) 284-8224 to schedule a presentation in your office/location.

Sidney Kanazawa, Esq.
Negotiation and Mediation (6-hour law firm learn-by-doing program)
The Power of “We” (Identification): What we learned about threats in the pandemic
The Power of Weakness and Motivational Interviewing
Ten Tips to Make Zealous Advocates Better Negotiators in Mediation
How to Negotiate: Find out why without asking why
Why Threats and Power Fall Short: What we learned during the pandemic
The Power of Weakness: Why “leverage” leads us astray
Mediation – Voluntary, Confidential
Inside Tips of Employment Mediation
What Does Zealous Advocacy Mean? A primer for young attorneys on the conflict between ethical duty and effective representation
Effective Negotiation: Find out why without asking why
Scout Mindset: Why it persuades
The Importance of Stories in Negotiations
How to Gain Power in Negotiations
Why Open-Ended Questions are the FBI’s Secret Weapon
How to Prepare for Mediations
How to Transform Enemies into Collaborators
Why Online Mediations are Here to Stay
How to Be Effective in Online Mediations

Robert Amador, Esq.
Power of Arbitrators To Decide Arbitrability-Delegation Clauses, the FAA and Lessons from the Caselaw
Arbitrator Subpoena Power
When Are Third Parties Subject To Arbitration?

Stephen M. Benardo, Esq.
Recent Developments in Employment Arbitration Law in California
Recent Developments in Wage and Hour Law in California
Key Elements of Anti-Harassment Training
Leave Laws for the California Workplace (Recent Developments)

Peter J. Marx, Esq.
The Devil is in the Details: Maximizing the Benefits of Mediation

Alyson C. Decker, Esq.
Working in Space: The Final Frontier of Remote Work
Employment Relationships and Privacy in Space

CLE Videos
CEB Video Series: How to Prepare for Mediation
CEB Video Series: Managing Clients and Counsel
CEB Video Series: Post Mediation Steps

Hon. Mary Thornton House, Ret.
The Shifting Paradigm in Conservatorship Law: Preserving the Value of Protective Proceedings
AB1194 and Beyond: Did the “Spears” Reform Hit the Target?
On the Way to RFA….How to Get Court Approval of Fiduciary Reports, Accountings, and Attorney Fees Requests
Where’s the Fun in Dysfunctional Families? Case Studies
Evidentiary Issues in Probate Court
Checklist Challenge Hour: Using Checklists to Lead Your Judge to Rule in Your Favor!
Top Ten (Mistakes) in the First Five (Years of Practice)
Building Your Advocacy Skills: Effective Writing for Judicial Officers (and Their Research Attorneys!)
Hearsay to Want to Be Affirmed on Appeal: A Hearsay Primer
Asserting Evidentiary Privileges: When, How, and Oops, A Waiver?
Preparation of CACI, Special Jury Instructions, and Verdict Forms: Tips Plus Pitfalls to Avoid

Peter L. Weinberger, Esq.
Strategic Use of CCP Section 998 Offers to Compromise to Shift Attorney's Fees and Costs to the Plaintiff
Using Discovery Referees to Lower Litigation Costs and Stop Opposing Counsel From Stymieing Discovery" -- this can include legal ethics credit
Know When to Hold Them, Know When To Fold them: Strategies for Defending Habitability Cases

Hon. Mary Thornton House, Ret. & Hon. Vincent J. O’Neill, Ret.
Welcome to the World of Probate

Hon. Keith M. Clemens, Ret. & Bruce A. Clemens, Esq.
Early Stage intersection of Family Law Litigation & Mediation Events

Sidney Kanazawa, Esq. & Peter J. Marx, Esq.
Inside Tips on Employment Mediation

James C. Earle, Esq., Max Factor III, Esq. & Lori Carver Hershorin, Esq.
The Most Frequently Overlooked Issues in Real Estate Matter

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